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Welcome to our blog. We are the authors, from the 2nd year student from the Faculty of Law, National University of Malaysia. Basically, this blog would give more information about the telemedicine as regard to fulfill the requirement for subject Cyber Law by observation from our lecturer, Dr Nazura Abd Manap. Kindly, do visit our blog for updated post and do leave your comments and suggestion.

Thank you :)
Contents of Blog

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Definition of Cyber Law
1.2 Introduction of Telemedicine
1.3 Benefits of Telemedicine
1.3.1 Economic Development and Quality of Life Perspective
1.3.2 Patient's Perspective
1.3.3 Provider's Perspective
1.4 Drawbacks of Telemedicine
1.4.1 A breakdown in The Relationship Between Health Professional and Patient
1.4.3 Quality of Information Issues
1.5 Developments in Our Country
1.5.1 Challenges to the Traditional Doctor-patient Relationship
1.5.2 Challenges to the Liability of Health Professionals
1.5.3 Challenges to the Right of Privacy
1.5.4 Challenges to the Registration of Health Professionals
1.5.5 Challenges to On-line Advertising of Pharmaceutical Products

2.0 Laws Governed on Telemedicine
2.1 Introduction of telemedicine act 1997 and loopholes in this act
2.2 Issues on Section 3
2.3 Certificate to practice telemedicine
2.3.1 Duration
2.3.2 Terms and conditions
2.3.3 Cancellation
2.3.4 Remedy for Refusal or Cancellation of Certificate
2.4 Consent
2.5 Enforcement and Regulation

3.0 A Comparative Analysis
3.1 United States
3.2 United Kingdom
3.3 China
3.3.1 Challenges For Telehealth
3.3.2 Policy Recommendations

4.0 Other Informations
4.1 Conferences/Videos/News

5.0 Conclusion
6.0 Acknowledgment
7.0 Bibliography
8.0 Glossary

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